2012 Update

The venue has been secured, rooftop of 101 Constitution Avenue it is. Now the work begins. Invites have been addressed, written and…. barring a random injury in my apartment, will make their way to the mail this afternoon.

PERFECT SETTINGS, has approved our initial equipment proposal. If you ever, EVER, have equipment rental needs (chairs, linens, tables, tent, stage, etc…) click “Perfect Settings” at the start of this paragraph, and use them. They are THE best.

MUSIC – looking for a motown band, haven’t done much here yet. Suggestions are welcome!

BEER/WINE – need sponsors

FOOD – probably just apps, need sponsors

SILENT AUCTIONanything & everything – previous years items have included…. sporting event tickets, vacation homes, signed memorabilia, gift certificates, wine packages & baskets of all sorts, paintings & artwork, jewelery, golf packages,

VOLUNTEERS (the last shall be first) – A few selfless, awesome individuals have reached out already, let me know if you want to lend a hand! Needs –

Sign in/Registration – ID/Wristband Distribution – Donation Table – Beer/Wine Distribution – Friday Evening Set Up – Saturday Morning Set Up – Silent Auction Table – Trash Patrol (throughout event) – Sunday Cleanup – People w/ Trucks – ROLE PLAYERS who are up for anything………



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